The history of the GS manufactory

The visionaries:
Gerhard Stefan and Philipp Göller

They found the GS manufactory in 2015.

Gerhard Stefan

45 years of experience and enthusiasm in the automotive sector: body construction, painting, engine and transmission repair.

18 years of experience in the Porsche restoration.

Philipp Goeller

trained mechatronic engineer and champion, who has the vision to produce unique rides in the GS manufactory.

Early on, the spark of enthusiasm sprang from father to son. The natural tensions between the generations were given a task that unites the forces and develops new energies.

Both combine the enthusiasm for Porsche and the vision to re-create the Porsche 964 model of the 90s according to their own ideas, to develop a driving device that combines the charisma of the F-model and the technical development of the 964 model and in-house workshop.

Thus, the father’s many years of experience at the Porsche Restoration merge with the son’s abilities and visions for the

Driving device “GS 964” .

The experience of the past and the healthy present, with the power and the abilities of the son, form a good basis for a successful development of the GS manufactory in the future.

Design and layout of the “GS 964”

The design and construction of the attached and installed parts of the original model are copyrighted in our workshop.

The shape of the composite parts was also designed in-house and copyrighted.

Technical observation

The technical supervision of the applicable directives and laws in the EU will be implemented in the current version.

The parts necessary for the “GS 964” are protected by copyright.

“Baden” quality standards are combined with a sympathetic *symbadic* lifestyle.

Driving pleasure, individuality, quality, uniqueness, exclusivity