The Apparat GS 964 ® is Winner of the German Design Award 2020.

The Apparat GS 964 ® is winner of the German Design Award 2020. More > Media

The Apparat GS 964 ®
from the GS manufactory in the Black Forest

The composition

The Apparat GS 964 ®

an apparatus for pure driving pleasure,
a sculpture on four wheels,
an experience.

Can you still remember when you approached your four-wheeler favorite for the first time, got behind the wheel and looked forward to turning the ignition key over? You experience this with the  Apparat GS 964 ®  in the highest form. Here, you will not be relieved of assistance systems that will turn you into a spectator in the driver’s seat.

You will experience the Porsche driving again, with the  Apparat GS 964 ®  in its original way, with the modified technology of the 90s, on the mechanical-technical zenith of automotive engineering.

Nothing is auto-controlled here

I would like more information and a test drive!

The pleasure of driving a Porsche means having an intimate experience with the ” Apparat GS 964 ®” . The limits of physics and the limits of your driving skills are not reduced or auto-controlled here.

This fun remains with you in all its dynamics.

An ” Apparat GS 964 ®” is more than just a vehicle, it is an expression of freedom and a way of life that knows how to enjoy. When it comes to enjoyment, your sanity is also in demand, because the ” Apparat GS 964 ®” leaves only you the decision for the right measure.

Here you can still hear what sound is called. And this sound is not chip-controlled. The GS manufactory preserves the typical Porsche sound that still comes out of the machine.

The increase in engine power, chassis modifications, reduced overall weight and the use of carbon, specially designed for F-model body panels ends in a

a special device: the ” Apparat GS 964 ®”.

Some pictures might look like your ” Apparat GS 964 ®” . We are happy to help. Materials and color are freely selectable.

The “GS 964” as C4 is the perfect curve-loving driving device.

The fun in the mountains is hard to describe, you just have to experience it yourself.


The further development of the Type 911 (built until 1988) for Type 964 is a quantum leap.

The base vehicle Porsche Type 964, C2, unladen weight: 1350 kg

The base vehicle Porsche Type 964, C4, four-wheel drive, unladen weight: 1450 kg

Both types have the revised underbody with McPherson struts forward, rear adjustable coil springs and ABS, power steering, air conditioning, airbag and brake booster. No regulations.

The built-in technology is particularly well suited for an unregulated, pure driving pleasure. Through our modification of the suspension tuning and the power increase of the engine, the driving pleasure multiplies.

The 964 C2 only with rear-wheel drive is about 100 kg lighter.

Our recommendation: The 964 C4 with four-wheel drive offers an even greater driving experience in the bends.

Our Carbon F-Modell design is also suitable as a basis for the 993.

However, we believe that the rear axle developed and built for the 993 destroys too much driving pleasure.

We fullfill Your wishes

The GS manufactory is gladly committed to customer requests.

Each “GS 964” is an independent, mechanical, perfect masterpiece

You decide individually

the power of the engine
the sound of the engine
the brake system (original installed or modified)
the chassis (hard or medium to gentle)
the interior in color and material
the exterior paint.

Also according to Your desire for the most modern communication.

The co-designed Porsche ” Apparat GS 964 ®” exists only once in this world.